Kids & Babies


One of the best parts of my professions is treating babies (even though they do cry sometimes…). It is not just that I am fascinated by them but to know, that the parnets and baby quality of life will improve dramatically, is special to me. It’s not normal for a baby to cry nonstop, although as parents we hear that it is normal. There is usually a very good reason and your baby is just trying to tell you. The most common of these being colic, reflux and gas.

Physiotherapy can help babies (and parents) with these issues and much more. For example, Physiotherapy can help with latching, sucking, recurrent ear infections, tear duct obstruction, torticollis. I can also treat many cranial issues such as plagiocephaly, craniosynostosis post-surgery or distortion of the skull incurred during labour or pregnancy.

Babies don’t tend to need more than 3-4 sessions, around 10 days apart.

Musculoskeletal injuries in children are treated similarly to adults with one big difference, recovery times are reduce by more than half. This is something that will never cease to amaze me!


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