Craneo Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

We always need to keep in mind that our brain controls most of our musculoskeletal system, all of which is connected predominantly through the spinal cord and that this whole system is encapsulated within the spine and skull. It is easy to understand then why it is so important that this system is free of restrictions. Apart from this, the sacrum is the centre of our locomotor system and its movement is in direct relathioship with our craneum movement.

For this reasons it is so frequent to use one or another CST technique during any physiotherapy session. Even though I use this therapy as a tool more than a single therapy during a session, it is of course possible under request.

It consists as much on the mobilisations of joints, fascias, muscles and neural system of our craneum, spine and pelvis as it does on the mobilisation of the cerebrospinal fliud that surrounds our brain and spinal cord. It is usually a very relaxing and pleasant tecnique that doesn’t require oils or creams and is rearly painfnul.


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